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The Book Your Business Coach and all the

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Organic Clients Secrets

Save Thousands in Coaches and Online Marketing Courses

In the book "Organic Clients Secrets" I share EVERYTHING about how I went from 0 to $500K in my first year as an online coach without paid ads or being on social media 24/7

Too many self-proclaimed "Gurus" promise the "$10K months" and "six-figure incomes" without having generated those results themselves.

The marketplace is full of "cookie-cutter" solutions that don't work for most, or are just bad copies of someone else's strategy.

Many online entrepreneurs are being burnt and loose hope after paying thousands of $$$ for programs and mentors that deliver nothing but a lack of tangible results. This needs to stop!

The aim of this book is to give you the tools and strategies you need to start up and scale up online as a coach or consultant, without risking time and money on unnecessary stuff.

Most business coaches charge tens of thousands of dollars for the information you are about to access in this book.

I want YOU to succeed, build a business that allows you to remove yourself from the day-to-day operations, gives your time back, and supports your lifestyle.

Carlos Adell, Founder & CEO

"Organic Clients Secrets" is the roadmap to attracting prospects, signing clients, and scaling your service based business online; organically, without ads, funnels or complicated tech.

Here I explain in detail the same strategy that hundreds of people are currently using to scale their consulting or coaching business online to multiple 6 and 7 figures. Without using complicated tech, or paid advertisement.

We call this strategy "The Organic 6-Figures Method"

It took me 5 years to come up with this strategy after lots of money invested in coaches and sales gurus.

The Organic 6-Figure Method is perfect for coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs that want to maximize their efforts online, working less, making more and living better!

Now you can get instant access to the exact Step by Step process that allowed me and many others start and scale their coaching or consulting business online. FOR FREE!

The same content most business coaches and "Online Gurus" charge high ticket for...

That’s right!

When you sign up today, you get access to the same information that's helping other coaches and consultants online add an extra $15k to their income (or a lot more) in under 90 days.

But don't take my word for granted...

So far the results of the Organic 6-Figures Method have been amazing. Using just their personal Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn profiles we’ve seen coaches increase their income by $14K+ in under 7 days after getting access to this information.

Everything You Need And Nothing You Don't

You will learn how to solve the 3 biggest problems that stop coaches and consultants from starting and growing their businesses online.

1.-Attracting hot & qualified leads

2.-Convert them into clients with ease

3.-Generate real-life results for their clients

It’s simple, easy to implement and it generates results FAST.

1.-First you will learn how to fill your pipeline with red hot leads  - even if you have never done anything similar before or have no idea where to start.

2.-The second problem you will solve is “sales”. 

Sales make most entrepreneurs feel itchy, now you can turn this around so you become the trusted advisor people can’t wait to get on the phone with.

No one likes being pitched and you will not have to pitch ever again. Sales are NOT about being pushy or implementing sleazy techniques.

I used to SUCK and be scared about sales… Now, I get EXCITED to get on the phone with my prospects!! And you will too

First up, you'll learn you how to be a “doctor” and not a “salesperson” so people actually can’t wait to hear what is your “prescription”.

Inside the book you will find my exact same sales framework that helped me close $500k in sales in under a year. 

That script along with the Irresistible Offer Builder™ will give you all you need to become a Sales Master, you will love jumping on calls to make your prospects Offers So Good They’ll Feel Stupid Saying No.

My client Ivano implemented our Irresistible Offer™ method and closed $40k in sales in under 30 days! 

3.-The third and final problem you’ll be able to solve is generating real life results for your clients.

Your clients pay for results, and you want to help them get those results while leveraging your time, and charging generously for it.

-Inside the book you will find our Signature System Builder Framework™ for you to create a Life-Changing program that helps your Clients generate Kick-Ass results while simplifying your delivery model, instead of making it more complex.

-You will also learn how to go from overworking yourself to building a 4 hours/week 7-Figure business that gives back your time and supports your lifestyle.

-Finally, with the Viral Content Formula™ you will learn how to build a movement around your brand, so you can create a streamlined process to get people from “I don’t know you” to becoming your best client’s testimonial.

One of our clients almost lost everything when COVID hit. He had to pivot quickly, implementing these organic strategies, and created an incredible online program for his clients. Simon made his first $100k in 6 months and a quarter of a million-dollar (yes $250K)  in just 10 months following these same strategies.

Some Of The Content You're About To Unlock inside The "Organic Clients Secrets Book"

  • Your Profitable Niche

  • Content Marketing

  • Audience Building

  • Messenger Training

  • LinkedIn Organic Secrets

  • Sales Mindset

  • Sales Call Framework

  • Signature System Builder

  • Testimonial Framework

  • Packaging Your Services

  • Scaling & Automations

  • 10 Converting Video Topics

And there's more...

Now, and for a Limited Time Only...

Not only you can download the "Organic Clients Secrets" for FREE, but we are also giving access to the Organic 6-Figures Method Online Library. The same content our most successful clients are currently using to generate 10, 20 and even 50K months.

But if you're thinking of closing this page to come back later, there's one thing you need to know...

The only reason I made this information available to the public is because I believe that people should pay high ticket only for support and access to real life experience and results, not for just information.

However, I also know that we usually don't pay attention to things that are given to us for FREE, so the price will to go up for good soon.

Access now more than 50h of videos, swipe files, cheatsheets and masterclasses for FREE $47 instead of the current Retail Price $3,997

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Unlock Lifetime Access to the Organic 6-Figures Method for just

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Recent Feedback From The Coaches & Consultants using the Organic 6-Figures Method...

Download the "Organic Clients Secrets" for FREE today and Unlock the Organic 6-Figures Method Online Library for FREE instead of $3,997

That's Right! For FREE $3,997 You Get...

  • The 6-Figures Method™ Course

  • Organic LinkedIn Mastery™ Course

  • Instagram Mastery™ Course

  • Nailing Your Niche Training

  • World Class Branding Builder™

  • Hero Content Engine™

  • High Ticket Appointment System™

  • Godfather Offer System™ Training

  • Your Xfactor™ Training

  • 6 Figures Branding™ Masterclass

  • Webinars Training & Swipe Files

  • Case Study Organic Strategy

  • 6 Figures Sales Masterclass

  • Video Content Framework Training

  • Messenger Chat Scripts

  • Objection Handling Training

TOTAL VALUE If purchased individually $10,691+

Limited Time Offer

Download the"Organic Clients Secrets" Book

Today For $37 FREE


Access the Organic 6-Figures Method

Online Training for just $3,997 FREE Today

As part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, the "Organic Clients Secrets" book

is being offered for FREE and the Organic Six Figure Method Online Course for FREE instead of the retail price $3,997

This offer won't last long. Grab it now while you still can...

Available For A Limited Time Only.

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Wins From Coaches & Consultants using the

Organic 6-Figures Method...

Download the"Organic Clients Secrets" Book Today For $37 Free


Access the Organic 6-Figures Method Online Training for just $3,997 FREE Today

As part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, the "Organic Clients Secrets" book

is being offered for FREE and the Organic Six Figure Method Online Course for the special price of just $3,997 FREE

This offer won't last long. Grab it now while you still can...

Available For A Limited Time Only.

Download Instantly Today.

Meet Carlos Adell

"I spent nearly 30 years looking for a business model that would make me the income I wanted while having a real positive impact on my clients and in the world.

After years of failed attempts, wasted money and time, I found a way to build the business and life that I’ve always dreamed of.

But at some point, stress and overwhelm made my business idea totally unsustainable...

For long I bought into the idea that you need to sacrifice your wellbeing, and relationships with friends and family, to build a successful business and live the life you are already missing out...

Yes, hard work is necessary, but is

working smarter and not harder what will get you ahead

You don't have to wear all the hats and juggle a thousand things at a time to succeed. Even if you are just getting started, there are ways to move forward fast, with less stress and more fun."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the book really Free?

Yes! The book is totally FREE today. As a part of the Launch Special we are also offering the Organic 6-Figure Online Training (usually $1,997) for $47.

Why for FREE?

Too many people are paying high ticket for mere information and I got fed up with it. Information should be free. People should pay only for help to get real life results.

Do I need a website to start and scale?

With what you will learn here, you don't need anything. I grew my business to $500K a year without funnels or website using the exact same strategies you will learn in the book.

What’s in the Online Library?

You will get lifetime access to the Organic 6-Figures Method Library plus some extra bonuses. This library has more than 50h of training on Organic Marketing, Sales, Client Acquisition, Services delivery and scaling.

Are you running ads now?

Yes, and for the first time. I started organically and with zero tech though. But my business is now at a very different stage.

What is The Iconic Business Hub

The Iconic Business Hub is where we help solopreneurs get back their time and grow their business with Systems and Automations.

Are you still coaching?

I rarely work with coaching clients anymore. I am focused in helping Coaches & Consultants Optimize and Streamline their Businesses with systems and automations

What's the Money Back Guarantee?

We have a 7 Days 100% Money Back guarantee. If you buy any of our products and it's not what you expected, you get your money back, no questions asked. If you are not happy, we are not happy.

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